29 Mar.

Superkart : Come-back in Hockenheim

published 29/03/13 > 6 - 7 April Allemag Hockenheim



For the second consecutive year, the launch of the season will take place outside the hexagon, to Hockenheim, within the framework of an event which will gather a very wide European grid. This 1st continental meeting of Superkart is the result of an initial cooperation, which aimed to be wider, between the German renamed Series (ESS) and the French championship Open, open to all the drivers about is their nationality. This alliance also attracts unregistered competitors in these two competitions, as the Scandinavians or the Dutch people deprived of their own Series which was not able to be renewed. More 50 entries will offer a tight fight because except for Lee Harpham the outgoing Champion of Europe, all the candidates for the European title 2013 will be present to begin to get ready for the fray


The Strengths in presence within the framework of the French championship Open

The inter-season was not the object of major transfers concerning a change of equipment or of team as regards the state-of-the-art drivers in Europe, choices concerned more the programs. The French championship could be the reflection of one year of transition, because it is in phase of evolution and renewal. Since Damien Payart's semi-retirement (10 titles between 2001 and 2010) and the partial desertion of RedSpeed Team in the strict frame of the Championship this season, we could think that the competition for the final podium should tighten between the known but also most hardened leaders, but the interest will not less be supported because claimed at any levels. Indeed, on one hand the number of commitments, in spite of the crisis, remained beyond the initial expectations, on the other hand certain competitors operated a technical upgrade, and we shall discover new faces.



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