published 30/04/13 > 11 - 12 May France Angerville

Reserve your Weekend at Angerville

In less than two weeks' time, the French karting season will experience a major boost, with the opening of the French Minime, Cadet and KF Junior Championships, a grand debut the same weekend, on the same track, at the same time as the Women's French Cup. There have rarely been so many promising young talents to discover and so many exciting sporting battles to live on the track and to enjoy as spectators. All the actors in this scenario which is still to be written are ready and hungry for performances and results, and are looking forward to meeting their supporters in the extraordinary setting of the Angerville international circuit from 10th to 12th May!




The Women's French Cup is a unique event in its genre, a meeting for all the best French female drivers who are motivated by passion and by the urge to win a final: when such a high stake is involved, there is no room for mistakes. Their goal is to add their names to a prestigious list of winners after overcoming all the difficulties involved in this sport and the ups and downs of luck, triumphing fair and square after competing on equal terms regardless of the circumstances or the experience built up along their very different career paths. A great challenge, where for once there is no misogyny involved, but just the pure pleasure of a true sporting feat, applauded by all the gentlemen present.


Then it will be the turn of the young and even the very young ones, those of the Minime class, aged between 10 and 13 maximum, would-be champions coming from Minikart or well-trained drivers after one or more seasons of intense duels on all the tracks of France. They will be very determined on track to show what they are capable of, though their parents are first of all interested in rewarding their kids with a lot of fun, given all the efforts their children have made. And although victory will only be for one driver, everyone will have something positive to retain, a lesson to be learnt for future competitions in order to become stronger for the next meetings.


For Cadets and their new motorisation it will be a sort of baptism of fire; they are also young, aged between 11 and 15, but they are already skilled as far as the subtleties of set-ups, trajectories or racing strategies are concerned. This change is unlikely to confuse these drivers, who have already had the opportunity to compete in the different regional Championships.




And finally the KF Junior, with the best drivers aged between 13 and 15 who, in some cases, have already built up great experience in international races, and who will arrive for the occasion from different countries. They are the expression of the highest level of karting at the moment, and are on the springboard for a career in karting or car racing, which is a dream not always accessible to most of the drivers present, in all the categories. Karts are powerful, both fast and complex to use: this is how one gets closer to the top.


All these young drivers will compete at Angerville in the first of the three rounds written in their calendar and the Champions will only be known at the start of July, after the last meeting. This year the FFSA has increased the amount reserved to the 4 categories competing in the event, with substantial prizes for the winners, in cash or in kind, since the first three drivers in the French Championships will receive a reward while the top 10 in the French Cup shall be given a prize.




The Angerville meeting is a great show that has all the ingredients to attract both drivers and spectators in the Essonne department next 10, 11 and 12 May. All the drivers who have not registered yet can still do it on the new Web site, until Monday 6th May, at 8 p.m.