26 Mar.

Equipe de France FFSA Karting: Chamonix: the Season's Starting Point ( 2/3 )

published 26/03/13



The Chamonix stage, held at the beginning of the year, provides the reference point for the development of customised programmes. For a whole week, apprentice champions undergo a number of physical tests to determine their initial state of form, which will be the basis for a regular physical training while also paying special attention to what they eat. There will be three more stages, scheduled at regular intervals in the premises of Auto Sport Academy at Mans, to monitor improvements and confirm whether drivers' efforts are going in the right direction. But this week in the mountains is not a labour camp! The atmosphere and the lodging are very pleasant. Trainees have the opportunity to engage in different sport activities including running, muscle-strengthening, swimming, cross-country skiing, snowshoes, ski touring, paintball, etc. It is an enriching experience, just like the meeting with the press, because during the stage week there have been many journalists present, allowing drivers to practice and improve in such an important field of communication. The group dynamics has worked perfectly among the eight young drivers selected, who are getting on well while staying focussed on their task. It must be said that captain Yvan Muller has always been there, with his thoughtful, almost fatherly presence, both to encourage and to advise them. It is a cohesive group and in excellent form that has left Chamonix to return to the circuit path.











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