19 Mar.

Equipe de France FFSA Karting 2013: New Challenges on the Horizon ( 1/3 )

published 19/03/13



Since its establishment in 2000, the "Equipe de France FFSA Karting" team structure has definitely evolved. At the beginning, it was aimed at recruiting the best French representatives in the world of racing in order to help them to give France the highest possible number of wins while supporting them in becoming fully-fledged professional drivers. In 2010, it began to focus more on the training of young national talents within the framework of a consistent approach that starts with the 10-15 programme and continues - possibly - in single-seater racing thanks to the Auto Sport Academy and the Equipe de France FFSA Circuit. The arrival of new French drivers in F1 is a confirmation of the quality of the course set by the Federation, with the Ministry of Sports' support. As for 2013, goals will be even more clearly defined, with an increasing active participation by young drivers in their sporting growth.


Yvan_Muller_KSP_0181.jpgFirst-Class Support
Not only has the FFSA created a unique federal structure, but it also continuing to work on its improvement. The triple World WTCC Champion Yvan Muller, who has been the team's captain since 2009, expresses his appreciation for the federal structure: "Young French talents are really lucky and I hope they realise it! Under the coordination of Morgan Caron, the National Technical Director, Equipe de France's managers are really doing an excellent job. This year, for example, the physical follow-up of drivers will be totally customised and each of them will have personal goals to reach over periods of eight weeks. It is important to show these young drivers that nothing can be taken for granted and that they must not be afraid to challenge themselves to evolve".


Mathieu Zangarelli, an experienced driver in several car racing disciplines and a technical consultant for Equipe de France, stresses the challenges involved: "The FFSA strongly supports the selected drivers, but in return it demands their full commitment to the process. Real improvements are only possible under these terms and this also prepares them to what they will find soon in car racing. We believe that they will benefit greatly from this hard work. There are so many drivers who would like to join the Equipe de France team and logically all selected drivers give their best to keep their place; this is the fighting spirit they need to show, even outside karting".


For David Alaria, a physiotherapist, who is the athletic trainer of Equipe de France "What is important is that everybody feels involved and gets into the habits of top-level athletes. We take into account every young driver's financial means, in particular with reference to the structures they can easily access not far from where they live, as well as the frequency of their activities on circuits, but we demand their maximum commitment".







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